Welcome to AcrobatKitty Sphynx and Bambino Cattery!

Eda MontgomeryMy name is Eda and I have a small cattery in Pennsylvania where I am a Sphynx and Bamino cat breeder. I have always owned several cats and kittens and I fell in love with the Sphynx breed. The Sphynx have a loving personality and if that don’t get you hooked their acrobatic abilities will. They run, hop like a kangaroo, fly through the air – never a dull moment.

Sphynx are warm and soft and love to cuddle. My house would never be the same without our Sphynx. I am now breeding another hairless breed, the Bambino. Bambino are similar to Sphynx in that they have no hair but they also have short legs like Munchkins. Bambino kittens are rare because it is a new breed being developed, though we sometimes have Bambino kittens available.

If you are interested in learning more about Bambinos or would like information on adopting a Sphynx or Bambino kitten, feel free to contact us. I look forward to talking with you.

Look for my Bambinos to be on next seasons Cats 101!