AcrobatKitty Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Sphynx and Bambinos easy to care for? Sphynx and Bambinos do require weekly baths because their skin gets oily. They have no hair in their ears so they will also need cleaned. Baby wipes and ear wipes are good for in-between cleanings. I would also clip nails weekly and remove dirt around them.
  2. How much do the cost? It depends on the quality of the breeder. Sphynx with fuzz will cost less than a totally hairless or show quality Sphynx. They can range from $800-$2500. Bambinos are a new breed and are still quite rare. Bambino pet kittens can start at $1800 and range to $2500.
  3. Are Sphynx or Bambinos hypoallergenic? No cat is hypoallergenic. Most people are allergenic to the cats saliva and not the fur.
  4. Should I keep my plants up? Yes there are many poisonous – Poinsettia, Christmas Cherry, Spotted Dumbcane, Sweet Pea, Clematis, Azalea, Oleander, Delphinium, Rhododendron, Lupin and Christmas Rose. Also keep disinfectants, household cleaners, insecticides and pesticides, alcohol, methylated spirits, aspirin, disprin, paracatamol, rodent poisons and antifreeze out of reach. Cats like sweet things so they might be tempted to taste it and they can become deathly ill or even die.
  5. Do they get fleas? Any cat can get fleas but you will be able to see them on a hairless cat. Never use the chemical flea products because they can kill a naked baby..
  6. How soon should I take my Sphynx or Bambino to the vet? Within 48 hours or the time your contract states. Make sure the cat is up to date on shots and no parasites. Keeping a good record with your vet will keep your sphynx healthy and happy. There are many cat diseases out there Feline Leukemia Virus {FeLV}, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus {FIV}, Feline Infectious Anemia {FIA}, Feline Infectious Enteritis {FIE{, also known as Feline Panleukopenia, and Feline Infectious Peritonitis {FIP}. These diseases are mostly fatal to a cat.