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“This week I call Merlin my lifesaver. I had a traumatizing day at work (see my notes section). I spent about 3 days stressing and crying and realizing I could be a goner… Merlin never left my side! He licked my tears and stayed cuddled with me. His personality is like no other pet I have ever had or seen, for that matter! I am the luckiest Sphynx owner in the world!!!
Thank You!!!”  ~ Merlin and Jennifer B





Hi Eda, Hope all is well with you and your family. Any new kitties born? Chili is doing really well. I always like to see pictures of new babies when you have the chance. Here is a picture of Chili I took at Halloween. ~ Chili and Cathleen H.



Just wanted to write to you to give you an update on how the girls are doing. Passion and Raven are finally getting used to each other and getting along well! Passion is no longer growling at Raven and Raven (the little stinker is who is trying to walk across the keyboard as I’m typing this!) is learning to respect Passion more. They are playing together more and now I’m even seeing Raven chase Passion once in a while (instead of the other way around!). I also wanted to thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to adopt our cats from you. They are all beautiful, well behaved, healthy cats that are wonderful additions to our family. It is always a pleasure coming to your home and seeing all of the cats. They are all so adorable and well-kept!. Also, we thank you for always being so hospitable to us! I will be sure to keep you updated on how the girls are doing and will certainly send everyone looking for their own Kasha, Raven, or Passion to Acrobat Kitty. Again, thank you for trusting us to adopt the girls…we love every one of them and could not imagine not having them! Talk to you soon! ~ Sincerely, Justine Long

Just wanted to update you on my babies. They are doing very well. I wanted to thank you for studding shami for me. I was very pleased with your cattery and the care you gave shami while she was with you. I have had no problems what so ever with the three cats I have gotten from you. They are all very healthy and wonderful additions to our family. I hope all is well and plan on bringing shami back for stud service soon. Take care and keep in touch. ~ Glenna Gentzyel

I just wanted to let you know both are doing great, settled in very well. Wonderful personalities and they get on with my Siamese fantastically. Winston (the boy) is like a little human boy. He talks to me, he plays fetch with his toys which is delightful and very loving, he sleeps with me every night with his head on my pillow. Maxine is just as great, she plays by herself when I am busy and plays chase with my Siamese. I work for a large law firm in Pittsburgh and to anybody that is thinking of getting a cat from Eda, she has proved to be extremely professional with every aspect of being a breeder, before and after sale. I had never touched a Sphinx cat before but thought they were beautiful, I called Eda asking if I could come visit her to interact with the cats to see if I really liked them before purchasing one. She welcomed me with open arms and home, I played for a couple of hours with the adults and babies. Her home was very pleasant and well organized with the cats, they had rooms to play in, climbing trees to get exercise or just to curl up and sleep. All cats had access to multiple litter boxes. They were all clean and very content. Needless to say, I fell in love and got not just one but two babies from Eda and they have a delightful temperament. Eda was there for me constantly to answer questions long after I purchased the cats and was always available, she would contact me too inquiring after them and if they had settled. Eda cares greatly about her cats before and after, I feel she is the best breeder I have ever dealt with. ~ Veronica Lewis, Pittsburgh PA

My daughter’s search for a Sphynx for her 21st birthday brought us to Eda Crusan of ACROBATKITTY where we purchased Kalila in September 2007. Instead of having Kalila shipped to us we decided to fly from California to Harrisburg, PA and drive 3 ½ hours one way to get her. When we arrived at Eda’s home we were pleasantly surprised how well the cats were cared for and the fact that there was absolutely no cat odor. Eda showed us around her home and areas where she kept the cats. The cats were all very well cared for and very friendly, so much so that I had one jump right into my arms. My daughter was in heaven! As for me, it was the first time I had seen a Sphynx cat, but I must say it was LOVE at first sight! Kalila is the apple of our family’s eye, she’s a very healthy and loving cat and if it weren’t for Eda we wouldn’t have her. Our daughter has since moved away from home and taken Kalila with her so now my husband and I have decided to buy not one Sphynx but two Sphynx of our own. It is because Eda put so much time and effort into her cats that we’ve decided to purchase from her again since we had such a wonderful experience with her, Eda is the only breeder we would consider and trust! She is a great breeder and Sphynx enthusiast. Eda Thank you so much for bringing these wonderful cats into our lives! Thanks again ~ Tina Coulter, Corona, CA

My search for the perfect sphynx began in 2007. It was in November 2007 that I came across Eda’s website. At the time her homepage picture was a picture of her with the most beautiful cat I had ever seen… to my delight, he was available, as a retired breeder, for adoption. I had to have him… I spoke with Eda and made arrangements to come and visit her cattery. After speaking with her and looking at pictures I felt there was no other way to go. Her knowledge of the breed and professionalism made my 3 and a half hour journey, one way, well worth it.

I had never been to a cattery before so you can imagine my surprise when I entered her home and saw several beautiful, well cared for cats running around yet no cat odor. Caring for a sphynx takes time as we all know- regular bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, litter box cleaning, etc… I commend Eda for her time and efforts. All of the cats that I came in contact with were sweet, personable and spotless! I am by no means calling her a “crazy cat lady” but I will say that she goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of her cats. The time and effort that she puts into caring for all the cats and making sure they are all socialized and friendly is impressive. Needless to say, I left that day with Merlin, the retired breeder that I came for. As I sit here and type this letter now he is curled up on my lap. What an amazing creature… I highly recommend and refer AcrobatKitty and I will never buy a sphynx from another breeder. ~ Jennifer Bailey, Winchester, Virginia

I had taken my Sphynx to Eda twice in the past to be bred. I never experienced any problems with my cat when I got her back. Eda has always returned her to me in the same condition I left her in. I have visited Eda’s place on more then one occasion and I have always felt that the cats were all treated very well and taken good care of. Anyone can tell Eda puts a great amount of her time into the care of her cats and kittens. I have never seen a single cat unhealthy or unhappy cat durning my visits. She is a great breeder and Sphynx enthusiast. ~ Sarah

I would like to thank you for breeding my Sphynx for me. I can’t believe that it was just a short period of time to get her bred, not like the last breeder that I used. I also would like to thank you for returning her to me in the condition that I gave her to you. I really enjoyed working with you and I am sure that I will be sending another Sphynx to you in the near future. Once again, thanks for all the help. ~ Kimberly Sepko, Baldventure Cattery

I have had two stud services from Eda Crusan of ACROBATKITTY with BALDNMORE COLORBLIND aka ITSY on or about’s March 2008 and again with BALDNMORE COLORBLINDS DANCE on or about July 2008. I had received my girls back in clean condition and healthy condition. They stayed with Eda for a week or so at that time. My cats came back fine! At a business owner standpoint of a Title Company, I would never refer clients or work of another client if a person was not trustworthy being my business, cats, friends and etc. I always refer people to Eda for many things with cats. It was Eda people turn to for sphynx rescue. It was Eda who drove all over to save cats. I can go on and on ! It’s been Eda who’s been the one to share much info that actually saved cats in catteries. I take great gratitude in referencing Eda Crusan has taken care of 2 of my girls. I consider Eda a honest friend and breeder who is for the BREED despite any critics! My girls have been to few breeders . Sincerely, Diana L Johns (Click here to download Diana’s entire reference letter)